Yagub Rahimov

Team advisor


CafeCoin (CafeCoin) Closed

CafeCoin has been designed to preserve the ability to increase in value over time with market demand, while at the same time providing the kind of stability ne…


SprintX (SPTX) Closed

SprintX is a platform for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas. SprintX will work together with SwitchX, a multifunctional Exchange in partn…


Playrs (PLAYR) Closed

Playrs is introducing an innovative analysis mechanism which will provide a groundbreaking approach and a new way of looking at the game - rigorous analysis to…


Grapevine (GVINE) Closed

Grapevine World is a decentralized, borderless ecosystem for the seamless exchange of health data in a standardized, secure manner. Populated with every stakeh…


RepuX (REPUX) Closed

RepuX is launching a decentralized, Ethereum-backed platform for SMEs to upload and sell data to other users on the network. The data will be encrypted and dis…


CoinAnalyst (COY) Closed

CoinAnalyst is an information and analysis platform for all cryptocurrencies and ICOs worldwide. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid …


NAGA (NGC) Trading

NAGA is a public listed, EU-regulated German Fintech company with trading-platforms for financial markets and virtual goods, a market cap of more than 200m Eur…


YellowBetter (YBT) Upcoming

YellowBetter is a revolutionary social portal that gives the opportunity to get closer to the living culture and language of the country that interests users t…


autoXchange (aXc) Closed

Through autoXchange private vehicle owners and dealers can carry out the entire sales process, from sales and marketing to the signing of finance agreements. a…