Sean Brizendine

Team advisor

P2P Solutions Foundation

P2P Solutions Foundation (P2PS) Closed

Anything that you exchange digitally with anyone, anywhere, is not private by any privacy standards; including information exchanged on your “private” intranet…


AAT (AAT) Closed

AAT is an active and passive portfolio management platform which would offer an efficient way to manage cryptocurrencies and ICO portfolios with the help of in…


Cryptfunder (CFND) Closed

Cryptfunder is a decentralized cryptocurrency funding source for ICOs and blockchain companies. With the influx of a myriad of the ICOs entering the market, fi…



Fracture Labs, a Malta based video games company, is building a digital economy platform specifically designed for multiplayer games. Decimated will be the fir…


Knowledge (KNW) Closed

Knowledge.io is a blockchain powered knowledge sharing platform which enables consumers and experts to prove their knowledge in many areas of expertise, and ea…


BCharity (CHAR) Closed

BCharity is an international charity exchange that brings together individuals, funds and organizations from across the globe, providing an opportunity to help…

Save Environment Token

Save Environment Token (SET) Closed

The Save Environment Token (SET) project promotes eco-friendly products and environment savvy technology on a decentralized open source blockchain platform. SE…


SVPER (SVP) Closed

The concept of SVPER replaces user profiles, pictures and text messages with instant video invitations. Users can see what people near them are doing (or plann…


Aclyd (ACLYD) Closed

The Aclyd Project presents a peer-to-peer solution for payment, transaction, and trade for alcoholic beverages. Aclyd begins at the source of capital flowing i…