Quentin Herbrecht

Team advisor


Stoby (STB) Upcoming

Based on the Blockchain technology, Stoby rethinks and simplifies the way students find punctual jobs. Our Smart Contracts support the student certifications...

Windhan Energy

Windhan Energy (WHN) Closed

Windhan is a blockchain-based green energy Crowdfunding and trading platform which uses blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic next generatio...


Farm2Kitchen (F2K) Closed

Farm2Kitchen is building a decentralized Food Traceability platform on the Blockchain for the Food Distribution industry. The Blockchain is a distributed dig...

Crypto Market Cloud

Crypto Market Cloud (CMC) Closed

Crypto Market Cloud is building a first of it's kind blockchain, self contained ecosystem, complete with a own blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange and crowdf...

Raido Financial

Raido Financial (RF) Closed

Raido Financial is a global fintech ecosystem that combines a set of universal crypto tools for trading, exchange, financial and investment operations for al...

Brain Space

Brain Space (IMP) Closed

Brain Space is a multi-platform that will simplify and expand the possibilities of IP registration and the further fate of the author of a work of any cultur...

Cura Network

Cura Network (CUR) Pre-Sale

Cura Network is a global decentralized health system comprising of entities collaborating and sharing data with each other to promote, restore or maintain he...


Followine (WINE) Closed

Followine is an innovative Italian start-up founded in June 2017, with the aim of developing a system capable of effectively fight the phenomenon of wine cou...


HubrisOne (HBRS) Ongoing

HubrisOne, is a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account combined into a powerful, intelligent, regulated and compliant mobile application. We...