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BEEQB — a global infrastructure solution to make the "crypt" the world's #1 payment tool that allows each company around the world to accept cryptocurrency as …


Zloadr (ZDR) Closed

Zloadr is a viral news and media publishing platform that amplifies news worthy content with the help of influencers and bounty hunters.

BiteCoin Network

BiteCoin Network (BITE) Closed

BiteCoin network is the world’s first decentralized, cryptocurrency-backed food delivery network. A delivery network which not only addresses pain points of cu…


ZNAQ (ZNAQ) Closed

What is ZNAQ? ZNAQ is the first crypto index traded as a token. ZNAQ Index reflects cryptocurrency market capitalization. It gives you possibility to invest i…


GramGold (GGT) Closed

" Not just an ERC20 token backed by Gold and a Global Gold Asset Decentralised Trading Plaform based on blockchain technology & cryptocurrency... Its a Gold…

Cyber Capital Invest

Cyber Capital Invest (CCI) Closed

Cyber Capital Invest aims to help people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to a lack of experience or skills, do not know how to get…


Coinlancer (CL) Trading

Coinlancer is an Ethereum based freelancing platform which uses blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic freelancing ecosystem. The protocol design …


PaidEx (PAD) Unknown

PaidEx is a retail transaction platform that uses the efficiency and security of Blockchain to allow you to make everyday purchases through Cryptocurrency. Pai…

Sudan Gold Coin

Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) Closed

We are creating a platform that allows each and everyone to monitor for worlds latest trends in mining: news, charts, statistics, etc. Moreover, SGC Project ta…