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ALLUXE | Luxury Platform is a global platform built on the basis of the Blockchain technology and designed for buying and renting luxury properties around the …


HeliosCoin (HLC) Closed

Helios Mining Ltd. developed a system of autonomous clusters for mining (Solar Mining Clusters) that can consume electricity directly on renewable energy sourc…


NETZ (NETZ) Closed

NETZ invests in and develops Green Energy Power Plants within Waste to Energy and Aquaculture with underlying collateral and highly profitable Renewable Energy…


Dataeum (XDT) Closed

Dataeum is a blockchain-based platform which uses crowdsourcing to enable the collection of 100% of all global physical data (such as stores, gas stations, tra…

Asura Coin

Asura Coin (ASA) Closed

Asura World is the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, powered by NEO. Asura World aims to unite the global eSport community by incentivizing user…

Forever Has Fallen

Forever Has Fallen (FC) Closed

Blockchain gamification using transmedia and a blockbuster story. Giving rise to an engaged global online/offline economy; powered by Forever Coin. Forever …


SmartContractChain (SCC) Closed

SmartContractChain platform is a new crowdfunding platform based entirely on the Blockchain and designed to facilitate open, honest investment with the potenti…


Realista (RET) Upcoming

Realista is the first global real estate platform based on the NEO blockchain that enables buyers, renters, landlords and over 40,000 agents to directly connec…


W12 (W12) Closed

W12 - is an open protocol for creation and execution of milestone based smart contracts. The protocol consists of smart contract templates (no programming skil…


imusify (IMU) Closed

imusify is an award-winning music platform that is reinventing the global music industry in order to liberate music makers, music fans, and music entrepreneurs…


Avatara (VTR) Closed

Disrupting the Telepresence Industry. AVATARA – immediate moving around the world without language barriers. AVATARA - Revolution for the Media, Education, Bus…

The Freedom Coin

The Freedom Coin (TFC) Closed

The Freedom Coin is a hybrid project, the decentralised technology is backed by centralised products, the centralised products are governed by the Masternode H…


WPP (WPP) Closed

WPP ENERGY’S Green Energy Platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy globally, initially, through the use of WPP’s technologies, partnerships…


moolyacoin (MOOLYA) Closed

moolya is the a digital startup ecosystem which replicates the global offline startup ecosystems and provides its members such as ideators, startups, investors…


Lynked.World (LYNK) Closed

Lynked.World is a blockchain based ecosystem and development platform which provides a multi-faceted solution for individuals and organizations to own, control…