Giovanni Casagrande

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Giovanni Casagrande is not a team member of any ICOs.

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Tachain (TCHN) Closed

Tachain is a transportation and advertising network. All the interactions between the customer and transportation service provider will be stored in blockchain…

Excalibur OS

Excalibur OS (XOS) Closed

Excalibur Operating System, which will solve the issue of mining as it has built-in mining management feature so user can mine cryptocurrency by their own, It …


PlaceToRent (PTRT) Closed

PlaceToRent is a decentralized global peer-to-peer rental platform in the space of commercial and residential rentals designed to facilitate and streamline the…

Depository Network

Depository Network (DEPO) Closed

Depository Network (DEPO) is the world's first multi-platform network enabling all traditional credit institutions worldwide and P2P lending platforms to accep…



Unchainet is a decentralized heterogeneous cloud network. Unchainet's platform targets the niche market for dApp developers and cloud computing users. Unlike…



AVINOC as a Blockchain solution provides a transparent, integrated, permissionless and decentralized base data layer for the exchange of relevant information f…

Cyber Capital Invest

Cyber Capital Invest (CCI) Closed

Cyber Capital Invest aims to help people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to a lack of experience or skills, do not know how to get…


Snapparazzi (SNPC) Closed

Snapparazzi is a blockchain-based platform where users get paid for the media content they generate. Snapparazzi revolves around users creating photos and vide…


XERA (XERA) Closed

XERA’s exchange will address the issues and challenges traders are facing with cryptocurrency exchange platforms while providing an integrated solution for tra…