Daniil Morozov

Team advisor



The EVO project creates a decentralized platform for assessing the skills and development of a person. We combine the best partners’ tools and services that ...

Cryptonia Poker

Cryptonia Poker (CPC) Ongoing

Cryptonia Poker brings together the thrill of poker with the transparency and value of cryptocurrency in an online poker room that is based on blockchain tec...


yappadappadoo (FLI) Ongoing

The yappadappadoo Store is a Blockchain linked ecosystem, bringing Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to all mobile devices worldwide. By combining the advan...


UHive (HVE) Closed

UHIVE is challenging the status quo, transforming social networking and taking it into a new era, that combines the technological capabilities (artificial in...


Buddy (BUD) Upcoming

Buddy is a winning development automation platform that serves a rapidly growing market. Our vision is to become the backbone on which talented people can bu...



Homelend is a decentralized platform enabling the next generation of homebuyer mortgage financing. Homelend creates an interface for direct interaction betwe...

Pool of Stake

Pool of Stake (PSK) Pre-Sale

Pool of Stake is creating a safe pool for Proof of Stake coins, the future of blockchain. Qtum, Stratis, Universa and soon Ethereum holders can unite in the ...


moolyacoin (MOOLYA) Pre-Sale

moolya is the a digital startup ecosystem which replicates the global offline startup ecosystems and provides its members such as ideators, startups, investo...


YAMZU (YMZ) Upcoming

Yamzu is about giving the non-pros a chance in competitive gaming for cash rewards. Yamzu is determined to become a leading eSports tournament provider and h...