The Skycoin blockchain uses a novel consensus algorithm to replace PoW and PoS. It also fixes security problems associated with other blockchain networks and decouples coin creation from the mining process. The result is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency.

The Skycoin blockchain does not use mining, so user power cannot be concentrated in a few large mining pools as it is with Bitcoin today. Coin creation doesn’t give certain users disproportionate control over the network. The supply of Skycoin is fixed. Skycoin transactions occur in seconds and are more secure. With Skycoin, we’ve created an immutable cryptocurrency that functions as digital property, rather than a political tool for amassing control over networks.

Trading on exchange

Country Unspecified

Token exchange price

Current price 3.2883602686 USD (0.00052234 BTC)
Hourly change
Daily change
Weekly change
Last price update 09/19/2018 12:43 p.m. UTC

Token exchange statistics

Available supply 10.0 million
Total supply 25.0 million
Market cap 32,883,603 USD
Volume (24h) 376,987.523453 USD

Token price history

Trading on exchange

Country Unspecified


Alexa rank 267,176 th
Telegram participants 10,133
Twitter followers 12,051
Promotional video views 30,970
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