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Sat, June 1

ICO Sale type Rating KYC Whitelist

Coinxes (CXG)

Coinxes is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange that allow individuals to buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer to peer in a safe environment. The platform connects bu...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

Conjure (CJR)

Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributing quality content with cryptocurrency. Conjure combines c...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

Review.Network (REW)

Review.Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence user-company feedback platform based on blockchain and AI technologies. Re...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes No


WULET is a blockchain based platform that unites all loyalty programs with a synergy effect for companies. We are creating the ultimate tool that will help c...

Token Sale 4.8 Yes Yes
Agro Stock Exchange

Agro Stock Exchange (ASET)

Agro Stock Exchange is a global multifunctional Agro-industrial trading platform that will provide various services on its own marketplace, crypto and stock ...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes No

Canlead (CAND)

ABSTRACT -- A decentralised peer-to-peer-to-peer (P2P2P) incentive system would allow the first party to share any opportunity, and the second party to earn ...

Pre-Sale 4.6 Yes Yes
Insure Network

Insure Network (INR)

Our goal is to innovate an inefficient industry and disrupt expensive incumbents through a strategic rollout and adoption of a blockchain platform powered by...

Pre-Sale 4.1 Yes Yes
Global Property Register

Global Property Register (XRX)

Global Property Register -Where Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Meet. Global Property Register - the world’s FIRST and ONLY universal real estate r...

Token Sale 3.9 No No


The AMANPURI Exchange ecosystem is a system that offers spot transactions and up to 100x leverage transaction system and complete security with a focus on th...

Token Sale 3.3 Yes Yes