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Fri, March 1

ICO Sale type Rating KYC Whitelist

Grabity (GBT)

"Grabity provides an innovative Blockchain platform for global ecosystem and Blockchain users." Grabity’s platform allows to solve the limitation in the s...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes
World Trip Singapore

World Trip Singapore (WTXT)

In the midsts of traveling needs shifting from “the material” to “the experience” , we want to focus on the that state of growing content surrounding experie...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes No

FoodNation (FOOD)

FoodNation is an online food delivery marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology and having as key part the distribution of the ...

Token Sale 4.8 No No
Bright Network

Bright Network (BRT)

Bright represents a radical change to the way businesses access financial services. Through an open protocol and data marketplace powered by blockchain, o...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes Yes
European Cryptocurrency Exchange

European Cryptocurrency Exchange (EUCX)

The European Cryptocurrency Exchange, or EUCX (pronounced You See Ex) is a new cryptocurrency exchange with a global focus, based in the Netherlands, filling...

Pre-Sale 4.6 Yes No


RAWG, unofficially known as the 'IMDb of games', is a growing video game database and discovery platform with over 50,000 titles from across all popular gami...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes Yes
Global Funeral Care

Global Funeral Care (GFCS)

The Global Funeral Care Foundation has conducted research on the funeral industry. The research shows that the funeral industry has significant issues that h...

Token Sale 4.4 Yes No

SharkGate (SHKG)

SharkGate a company that specializes in protecting websites has geared up to build the next-generation of website cyber protection: SharkGate is creating the...

Token Sale 4.4 Yes Yes
Universal Reward Protocol

Universal Reward Protocol (URP)

Universal Reward Protocol provides a unique ecosystem for all retailers to reward their customers for any type of shopping behavior, and for sharing the corr...

Pre-Sale 4.4 Yes Yes

AmaStar (AS)

A blockchain-based platform where you earn for porn. Anyone can upload their own content - and get paid for it! Our unique algorithm will calculate the rewar...

Token Sale 4.3 Yes No

Cresio (CRES)

Cresio is a platform that mainly offers the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple exchanges from the same graphical environment, providing mult...

Token Sale 4.3 Yes No
CTR - Radio Transfer

CTR - Radio Transfer (XCTR)

The main objective of CTR project is the formation of solutions for cheaper and alternative opportunities in telecommunications systems. The main idea of th...

Token Sale 4.3 Yes

Filmgrid (FILM)

Filmgrid is an ideological project, seeking to create a redundant platform that provides a fair innovative alternative to movie business; removing intermedia...

Token Sale 4.3 No Yes

Lition (LITION)

Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition's live...

Token Sale 4.3 Yes Yes

BitValve (BTV)

In BitValve, we will create the most advanced P2P Exchange platform, direct competitor of Localbitcoins and Paxful, with key advantages that will change the ...

Token Sale 4.1 No Yes
Jarvis Exchange

Jarvis Exchange

Jarvis is a robust technology framework that supports a financial ecosystem that includes licensed centralized and semi-decentralized exchanges and a marketp...

Token Sale 4.1 Yes Yes


IPUX is not only successfully operating, and has blueprints to develop, e-commerce, agriculture, and health and wellness related businesses in ASEAN, but we ...

Token Sale 3.9 Yes Yes


A crypto-to-crypto exchange that prioritises traders like you.

Pre-Sale 3.9 Yes
AZ FundChain

AZ FundChain (AZ)

FundChain is a decentralized, transparent and reliable money circle and crowdfunding application running on the blockchain. ROSCA funding also known as mone...

Token Sale 3.7 Yes Yes

Sheepcoin (SHEEP)

“In Blockchain We Trust” is the official motto of the Sheepcoin. The problem of mutual trust has existed for thousands of years because of the nature of tra...

Token Sale 3.3