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Thu, November 1

ICO Sale type Rating KYC Whitelist
Alive Casino

Alive Casino (AL)

The Alive Casino is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino to combine Blockchain Technology and Virtual Reality to build the best gambling environment. Apar...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes


Autobayis the first ecommerce platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to sell, buy and auction cars using cryptocurrency as payment metho...

Token Sale 5.0 No Yes
Black Insurance

Black Insurance (BLCK)

Black is a digital insurance company on blockchain. The platform connects insurance brokers directly with capital enabling them to launch their own virtual i...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

Envoy (NVOY)

Envoy trade finance marketplace is a real user case of blockchain technology to increase liquidity and unlock trillions of dollars through risk mitigation, f...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

Gemstra (GMS)

Gemstra is building a blockchain-integrated ecosystem (ASTRA Platform) and token economy (GMS Token) to unlock social selling to the entire retail market. AS...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes No


GGPro is a blockchain platform that creates new opportunities for interaction between the gaming community, sponsors and game developers. Main features of...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes

GreenLink (IMPACT)

GreenLink is a blockchain project that represents sustainability and powers an ecosystem of impact-related projects. We enables brand owners and businesses t...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes


INFLEUM is an open source brand publishing and marketing agent platform based on blockchains that provides 8 DAPP services by ELSOL COMPANY. INFLEUM measu...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes No

Kryptoin (KRP)

The Kryptoin ETF System is a patent-pending platform that enables a digital token to be exchange-traded with a basket of cryptocurrencies that represents any...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes


LACCOIN is a cryptocurrency that enables the banked, unbanked and underbanked individuals who are in Latin America and Caribbean region to send money, invest...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

LoveBlock.one (DDD)

LoveBlock is a decentralized database for dating. LoveBlock is an innovative blockchain technology solution for online dating worldwide. With LoveBlock, frau...

Token Sale 5.0 No Yes

MedicoHealth (MHP)

MedicoHealth blockchain-based project is designed to improve the fragmented healthcare system, where we know we can make a significant difference for the bet...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

Parkres (PARK)

Parkres provides a state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across a city and parking lots. It employs an IoT (Internet of Things) ...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes


SGAT is one of the first decentralized smart-contracts and blockchain-based platform. While focusing on enhanced privacy and maintaining the transparency and...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes No

Stacktical (DSLA)

Stacktical is a decentralized service level management platform on the Ethereum blockchain. A SLA or Service Level Agreement is a contract that defines a bas...

Pre-Sale 5.0 Yes Yes
Trecento Blockchain Capital

Trecento Blockchain Capital (TOT)

Trecento Blockchain Capital is an all-in-one Blockchain-centric investment solution. Our objective is to capture the best investment opportunities driven by ...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes
Virtual Rehab

Virtual Rehab (VRH)

Virtual Rehab's evidence-based solution leverages the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for pain manageme...

Pre-Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

W12 (W12)

W12 - is an open protocol for creation and execution of milestone based smart contracts. The protocol consists of smart contract templates (no programming sk...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes

Wellmee (WLME)

On the one hand, Wellmee brings a mobile application - built on AI and machine learning - which helps people live their lives better. On the other hand, Well...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes No


ZAZA is a decentralized innovative BUSINESS PLATFORM and B2B NETWORK powered by Blockchain technology, developed to help companies to improve their business ...

Token Sale 5.0 Yes Yes


ALLCARE is a decentralized benefits platform powered by the ALLCARE token (ALCR). Alternative workers, by being a member of the ALLCARE platform, will get a ...

Token Sale 4.8 Yes Yes

CareParrot (CPX)

CareParrot is a gamified health care protocol that tokenizes user data and interactions with the apps built within the CareParrot network. Our goal is to cre...

Token Sale 4.8 Yes Yes


The MUST Protocol is an open source protocol designed to confirm, account, and manage rights to assets through non-fungible tokens. It offers tools for creat...

Token Sale 4.8 Yes Yes

PopulStay (PPS)

PopulStay is the next generation platform for hospitality management. The platform leverages on cutting-edge technologies from distributed and decentralized ...

Token Sale 4.8 No
2Key Network

2Key Network (2KEY)

2key is developing a blockchain protocol which fuses together smart contracts and HTTP links to allow decentralized multi-step referral tracking and auto con...

Pre-Sale 4.6 Yes Yes
Code of Talent

Code of Talent (CODE)

Code of Talent is the world’s first blockchain powered micro-learning platform designed to uplift people’s learning motivation. All the courses on the pla...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes Yes
Fern Protocol

Fern Protocol (FERN)

Fern makes any blockchain network more decentralised and secure by connecting identified node and oracle providers through an anonymous protocol. As many blo...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes Yes


HALADINAR is a global platform and online decentralized marketplace designed to serve both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities anywhere in the world. Goods...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes Yes

Instoken (INSTA)

Instoken is a singular ecosystem of services marketplace that allows customers to browse, review, compare and evaluate credible providers, coupled with a pla...

Token Sale 4.6 No


KRATOS is a decentralized physical commodities trading platform. Built on blockchain technology and smart contract, KRATOS addresses the challenges relating ...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes Yes


ONAM is a scalable, High-performance, regulatory compliant, trading platform that features robust risk-management, trade surveillance, advanced trading tools...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes No

Pantercon (PANX)

Pantercon is a private company that starts an initial coin offering (ICO) using a token called "PanterX" to raise capital for various development. We create...

Pre-Sale 4.6 Yes Yes


The concept of SVPER replaces user profiles, pictures and text messages with instant video invitations. Users can see what people near them are doing (or pla...

Token Sale 4.6 Yes Yes


ARCUS is an entertaining advertising and information space, uniting virtual and real worlds in a single ecosystem, focused on the digital generation. The cor...

Token Sale 4.4


BRAVO, originally built for gratuity payments to artists and service professionals, has been operating in beta as a mobile payment platform for peer-to-peer ...

Pre-Sale 4.4 Yes Yes

Cremit (CRMT)

Cremit Exchange will be a web and app based multi crypto asset exchange platform. Here users can buy and sell Bitcoin or Alt coins with zero fees. Insurance ...

Token Sale 4.4
Data Choice

Data Choice (DCT)

Data Choice are reshaping the $65 billion programmatic advertising market, developing two new technologies a Demand Side Platform to serve the ads through fo...

Token Sale 4.4 No

DeNet (DNet)

DeNet is targeting at building a new decentralized network of IT capacity providers that are to be used to carry out a number of tasks, such as data storage,...

Token Sale 4.4 Yes Yes

Investx (INX)

Investx equity crowdfunding platform allows Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with financial track records to fundraise in a faster and more cost-effec...

Pre-Sale 4.4 Yes

NOMAD.space (NSP)

NOMAD.space is a blockchain-based platform for online booking hotel rooms. Since P2P architecture is in the heart of all blockchain platforms, NOMAD.space st...

Token Sale 4.4 No No

OmniBazaar (XOM)

OmniBazaar is a community-owned, rewards-driven, cryptocurrency-enabled, peer-to-peer, e-commerce marketplace. The OmniBazaar system includes its own built-i...

Pre-Sale 4.4
Sports Ledger

Sports Ledger (SPSL)

Sports Ledger aims to become the world’s largest sporting ecosystem: a cutting-edge platform that delivers an immersive experience with global sports and is ...

Pre-Sale 4.4 Yes No