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Bounty types
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International Sky Group

International Sky Group (ISG)

ISG tokens are released on the Ethereum platform using the ERC-20 standard, which is supported by most cryptographs. In addition to the release of the ISG toke…

May 15


NGS Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It accelerates growth of start-up companies by offering tools…

May 15 $6,000

Renovato (VATO)

Renovato is offering STO tokens into our World Class Exchange with unprecedented service. ICO tokens are also available as a bonus for token sale participants.…

May 12

zeosX (ZEOS)

zeosX is the World First Cryptocurrency Bank. We aim to redefine the future of finance for a world-class banking experience. Built based on a finance ecosystem…

May 12 $2,431,341

Gexan (GEX)

A new level of blockchain lotteries, which are developed for participants: 1. Hybrid algorithm (POW + POS) allow to mine Gex lottery tickets by GPU or staking…

May 10 $27,683


Built for You and Your Crypto Lifestyle ATRONOCOM is currently conducting an investor SAFT - crowdsale to support the launch of the platform and accelerate de…

May 7 $2,951,520

Venoty (VNTY)

Venoty is a digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central author…

May 5 $335,400

Togacoin (TGA)

Togacoin's endeavor is to separate the mining operations from the electricity costs, as well as diversifying investments to make the business safer and more in…

May 1
VTX Volentix

VTX Volentix (VTX)

Volentix is building a decentralized digital assets exchange connected with a secure multi-currency cross-blockchain peer-to-peer wallet, a user-friendly marke…

May 1 $34
Allforcrypto ICO

Allforcrypto ICO (AFCT)

Allforcrypto will provide a blockchain-friendly platform for the sale of goods and services with its own utility token for funding operations. Allforcrypto …

April 30 $500,000

Erecoin (ERE)

The erecoin platform is a symbiosis of Additive Manufacturing(3D-Printing) and Blockchain. Our mission is to make the increasingly complex world safer. We w…

April 30 $460,481

HighBank (HIGH)

HighBank provides in and out a crypto solution to all the crypto enthusiasts in a robust and scalable manner. Our mission is to create a one-stop platform p…

April 30 $2,000,000

KlickZIe (KLK)

KlickZie ArKnet The Next Generation of Social Media and Digital Networks using Augmented Reality and trustable imagery Tautachrome is launching the KLK c…

April 30

MinimalWin (MWT)

MinimalWin is an alternative platform for sales, which is based on the principle of lottery and auction. Every object put on sale on the platform will be broug…

April 30 $700,000

Solarex (SRX)

About Solarex Solarex ICO Project is an innovative, disruptive, decentralised, decarbonised, and democratised blockchain based solar energy ecosystem. An ecos…

April 30 $15,000,000


CAPVERTO is an exchange with a digital currency, based on a versatile utility token that extends the basic advantages of cryptocurrency through a design direct…

April 29 $13,300,000

TheFund.io (TFIO)

TheFund.io is an investment fund created to open access to earnings on investments for a wide range of people on the basis of a smart and safe system of capita…

April 28 $3,150,000

Tremiss (STS)

BlockChain Tremiss is the first platform with authentic digital user sovereignty, transactions and phenomenal speed! The BlockChain Tremiss design team relied …

April 25 $350,000

Bitwin (BWT)

From sports betting to live casino gaming, blockchain will undeniably have huge impact on online gambling business. Cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook Bitwin…

April 24 $882,118

ephelants360 (XEP)

ephelants360 is a software solution developed on a hybrid distributed ledger to serve as a content production platform from concept through to distribution. …

April 21
Bolton Coin

Bolton Coin (BFCL)

Bolton Coin (BFCL) offers a new amazing and unique approach to investing in the crypto sphere, generating aggregates profits from tangible luxurious markets su…

April 15

DigitalBits (XDB)

DigitalBits’ tokenizes pre-existing digital assets in consumer apps - unlocking value in the pockets of millions. The DigitalBits blockchain is an infrastr…

April 15 $112,000
Energy Cash

Energy Cash (Energy Cash)

Energy Cash token is a utility token that serves as a priority access to renewable energy projects. Energy Cash is a blockchain platform that lessens your Ca…

April 6

autoXchange (aXc)

Through autoXchange private vehicle owners and dealers can carry out the entire sales process, from sales and marketing to the signing of finance agreements. a…

March 31 $900,000


Azbit will provide traditional financial services for crypto projects and private users, as well as access to investment products. We will offer: For blockcha…

March 31 $722,534
Bit World Exchange

Bit World Exchange (BIW)

Revolution in cryptocurrency exchanges Crypto + CFDs Hybrid Exchange! The new generation of cryptocurrency exchange Bit world is a hybrid exchange project in…

March 31

Pledgecamp (PLG)

Pledgecamp is a next-generation crowdfunding platform that incorporates blockchain technology for security and accountability. • Backers gain a decentralized…

March 31 $9

WatchUGot (WUG)

WatchUGot is an Ethereum based social networking app that provides users with the tools and platform to develop community fundraising campaigns. We combined th…

March 31 $5,599,452

BatMine (BATM)

BatMine will build the most efficient crypto mine up to date. 4 cents per KW mostly green energy in a country of an optimal mining climate, up to 55 TH/s and t…

March 30 $2,394,502

Bitstars (BST)

Bitstars is a gaming project built on advanced blockchain and cryptography technologies. Bitstars uses all the advantages of cryptography and decentralization,…

March 25 $24


In the belief that cryptocurrencies will soon become the norm as a payment tool or “money,” numerous startups and companies are preparing to launch cryptocurre…

March 25 $58,941


What’s GSTAR? GSTAR(GOX) is a mobile-based Blockchain system. GSTAR(GOX) is performed the mining by the mobile game. Mobile game is the mining. It takes only …

March 20

Viacash (Viacash)

Viacash is Decentralized payment gateway platform based blockchain technology network for merchant,online shop, website to aims monetize and make easier for wi…

March 20

Glyff (GLY)

Glyff is a decentralized platform combining the blockchain and advanced zero-knowledge cryptography with the goal of delivering privacy-preserving smart contra…

March 19 $531,071

Levolution (LEVL)

The Levolution Platform will help blockchain entrepreneurs to create, develop, market, launch, and optimize their project. This combined with unique customizab…

March 15 $982,360


INZURA is the world's first insurance based crypto project where user can claim loss of cryptocurrency in the exchange. Inzura protects the crypto asset and br…

March 14 $202,500
Brain Space

Brain Space (IMP)

Brain Space is a multi-platform that will simplify and expand the possibilities of IP registration and the further fate of the author of a work of any cultural…

March 10 $6,480,000

CryptoTycoon (CTY)

CryptoTycoon is a massive multiplayer online tycoon with role playing and economics and strategy. It's the ultimate blockchain and crypto simulation and a very…

March 10 $2,455,900

AmaStar (AS)

A blockchain-based platform where you earn for porn. Anyone can upload their own content - and get paid for it! Our unique algorithm will calculate the reward …

March 1 $400,000
ALCEDO Platform

ALCEDO Platform (ALCE)

We are a German based company and offer a completed global eco-system even before the start of the ICO. The first ALCEDO-Point in Germany did already open. Th…

February 28 $6,708,000


The Cryptocurrency 3.0 Exchange service for everyone. BtcEX is a licensed cryptocurrency trading platform that enables easy access to a secure exchange offerin…

February 28 $37,500

CryptoProfile (CP)

CP believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. All ICO Projects will be check and research thoroughly before we accept them as our client. We offer ou…

February 28 $900,000

Encrybit (ENCX)

- ENCRYBIT THE RESEARCH BASED CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE Encrybit made history moments creating massive surveys in cryptocurrency market with 12k+ responses fro…

February 28
Global Funeral Care

Global Funeral Care (GFCS)

The Global Funeral Care Foundation has conducted research on the funeral industry. The research shows that the funeral industry has significant issues that hav…

February 28 $1,500,000

Qcity (QCTN)

QCity is going to progress ICO with Liquid exchange. Qcity is a project that was directly planned by Qnapse, a company specializing in the development of bloc…

February 28


Rento is proposing a global sharing platform for businesses and individuals that allows renting of underutilised assets. Unlike competitors in the market, Rent…

February 28 $720,000

ServAdvisor (SRV)

ServAdvisor is a marketing and consumer engagement platform that enables participating brands to incentivize consumers who check their info via App. This becom…

February 28 $55,241

Skelpy (SKP)

The Skelpy project aim is to create a totally decentralized and clear blockchain, in which every wallet has a certified digital identity. Transactions will…

February 28


WHIRL is a socially driven, pay it forward crowdfunding platform that’s built on the blockchain. You can use WHIRL to get funding for just about anything, a…

February 27 $736,033
Files.fm Library

Files.fm Library (FFM)

Files.fm Library is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer library for useful free and paid content that will provide one single place to publish and preserve useful …

February 26 $500,000