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Bounty types
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iTrue (ITU)

The iTrue platform enables developers to build solutions centered around user security, privacy, and safety. Users, business, and developers benefit from sha...

December 16 $24,000

Petlife (PETL)

Petlife is developing a remote consultations service for the owners of pets and farm animals. Medical service is provided by certified veterinarians via vide...

December 16 $572,000


STIPS|FinTech is a decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset management based on EOS, powered by IBM. It consists of the following...

December 16 $487,170

Tokeneo (TEO)

Tokeneo is a crypto-currency exchange whose investors are rewarded with 50% of the income, paid out on a DAILY basis. Tokeneo community owns 90% of the Ether...

December 16 $72,000
Data Choice

Data Choice (DCT)

Data Choice are reshaping the $65 billion programmatic advertising market, developing two new technologies a Demand Side Platform to serve the ads through fo...

December 15 $2,500,000

DrupeCoin (DPC)

The DrupeCoin is a value-protected cryptocurrency that provides investors with the best possible protection against investment losses. This coin is mainly in...

December 15

Envoy (NVOY)

Envoy trade finance marketplace is a real user case of blockchain technology to increase liquidity and unlock trillions of dollars through risk mitigation, f...

December 15 $46,305

Finlocale (FNL)

Finlocale is a peer to peer crypto marketplace. In which, buyers and sellers connect, exchange bitcoins through secure escrow and private online chat. Its un...

December 15 $250,000

Greentoken (GTN)

Greentoken is a crypto-currency mining with lifelong free green electricity, based on an innovative waste-processing plant with a 100% recycling capacity, wi...

December 15 $750,000


The V-ID validation service uses blockchain technology to end all document fraud. Our client base, with customers like Airbus Space & Defence, operates in va...

December 15 $1,600,000
TOP Network

TOP Network (TOP)

TOP Network is a high-performance blockchain with a powerful array of service-level infrastructures, including the world’s first decentralized cloud communic...

December 14 $219,214
Virtual Rehab

Virtual Rehab (VRH)

Virtual Rehab's evidence-based solution leverages the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for pain manageme...

December 14 $290,000
Adult X Token

Adult X Token (ADUX)

Adult X Token (ADUX) is a project for the future of adult entertainment. With the Adut X Token (ADUX), ADUxHub, ADUxPay and the ADUxPay Prepaid Cards we are ...

December 13

Aircraft (AIRT)

Aircraft Company is a blockchain based eco-system, the main mission is to expand the boundaries of cryptocurrency influence in the whole world and to ensure ...

December 9 $2,100,000

DataXchain (DXCT)

DataXchain is “Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service”. DataXchain provides a tailored-matching service between Data Owner and Data User with our ...

December 9 $1,200,000

VegaWallet (VGW)

VegaWallet will introduce our exchange, a complete point of sale system, and payment processor for in person or online business use. The point of sale system...

December 6 $50,515


The Optherium Modular Ecosystem utilizes a private multi-decentralized blockchain, multi-secure, with multi-currency, dynamic biometric verification, and ins...

December 5 $581,250


TEMCO is envisioned as a public supply chain blockchain system that aims to utilize Bitcoin Smart Contract (RSK) to overcome the limitations of existing supp...

December 2
Alive Casino

Alive Casino (AL)

The Alive Casino is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino to combine Blockchain Technology and Virtual Reality to build the best gambling environment. Apar...

December 1 $300,000

MinedBlock (MBTX)

MinedBlock offers the opportunity for investors to take advantage of using the resources from a large scale mining operation, mining multiple coins without t...

December 1 $15,000


ONAM is a scalable, High-performance, regulatory compliant, trading platform that features robust risk-management, trade surveillance, advanced trading tools...

December 1 $168,000

Smarts (SMT)

Smarts is here to provide a mobile self-service platform. A system that allows for a customer to walk into a store, grab the product they wish to purchase, s...

December 1

SportsFix (SFT)

SportsFix combines the power of a “Netflix” platform with blockchain to transform the most powerful content in the world – SPORTS. SF presents a decentralize...

December 1 $2,400,000
ADAB Solutions

ADAB Solutions (ADAB)

The ADAB Solutions project is developing the FICE - First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the Shariah norms. The purpose of the ADAB Solutions project is t...

November 30 $480,000

Aeryus (AER)

Aeryus is a complete, non-fungible blockchain transactional network, for all digital currencies. An integrated ecosystem from easy-to-use smartphone app to m...

November 30 $4

AutoBlock (AUTO COin)

The Vision of Auto Coin project is to redefine the auto industry, and in doing so, introduce an era of decentralisation. The existing systems are no longer p...

November 30 $2,000,000

BCoin.sg (BCT)

BCoin.sg | World’s First Fiat-Crypto Exchange With An Integrated Digital Payment Solution. BCoin.sg is an established business headquartered in Singapore. Ha...

November 30 $550,000
Bucky Coin

Bucky Coin (BUCKY)

Bucky Coin provides decentralized block chain platform connected with DHT/IPFS based P2P network that integrate content owners, individuals, celebs, models, ...

November 30

GOeureka (GOT)

The GOeureka (GO) platform leverages block-chain technology to position itself as an unbiased and transparent technology partner to hotels, transforming trad...

November 30


Our mission began within the agriculture and food sector and continues toward overall sustainability for the world’s most socially impactful sectors. The...

November 30


We aim to create the world's first cryptocurrency eco-system with a fully transparent and decentralised donating platform. Donations made on the platform wil...

November 30 $1,000,000


LACCOIN is a cryptocurrency that enables the banked, unbanked and underbanked individuals who are in Latin America and Caribbean region to send money, invest...

November 30 $2,100,000


The MUST Protocol is an open source protocol designed to confirm, account, and manage rights to assets through non-fungible tokens. It offers tools for creat...

November 30 $280,000

Muzika (MZK)

Muzika’s digital music ecosystem will function as a channel for distributing and publishing music content while providing fair compensation to artists. Fans ...

November 30

Neironix (NRX)

Neironix is the first independent international rating agency for investment risk evaluation in blockchain economics, where ratings are assigned to the proje...

November 30 $2,100,000


NHCT is a total health management platform that is built on the philosophy of preventive rather than reactive medical care`. It uses blockchain to counter sy...

November 30 $320,000
OPP Open WiFi

OPP Open WiFi (OPP)

OPP Open WiFi is a community driven service with the sole purpose of creating a global, free to access open WiFi hotspot network and rewarding each contribut...

November 30 $1,168,000
Time Money

Time Money (TMONEY)

Time Money will be first decentralized platform for people to meet, provide different services, coaching, consultation or any other help, which is time or ta...

November 30 $498,837
Your Data Safe

Your Data Safe (YDS)

Your Data Safe (YDS) is a decentralised data management platform powered by blockchain technology. YDS Platform users can monetise their GDPR (General Data P...

November 30

BrikBit (BRIK)

BrikBit Digital Shares is a blockchain-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations for the Real Estate industry. Within the BrikBit ecosystem...

November 28 $420,960


XERA’s exchange will address the issues and challenges traders are facing with cryptocurrency exchange platforms while providing an integrated solution for t...

November 27 $120,000
Coinchase Public Sale

Coinchase Public Sale (CCH)

Coinchase offers 30% discount for public sale. 'Break and Return' insurance with a minimum profit of 30%.Total supply : 10,000,000,000 CCH Softcap: 400ETH  H...

November 25 $2,631


GEMERA is a crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds which provide a blockchain based platform where the tokens can be redeemed for physical emeralds. The p...

November 25
Get Achieve

Get Achieve (GAT)

Get Achieve is a mobile Augmented Reality game with a series of interactive quests in the post-apocalyptic world. Here, the player turns into a participant i...

November 25 $75,772

GetDoIt (GET)

GetDoIt platform is an internet portal worldwide that covers all spheres of services connected with moving: transportation and logistics, assembling of furni...

November 25 $11,410

Neogame (TKT)

The idea of the new Neogame project is to create a lottery that does not have an organizer, and is not a business unit at all. Neogame will be governed solel...

November 25 $2,500,000
Deliverers Power Token

Deliverers Power Token (DPT)

Deliverers Power Token (DPT) is a decentralized platform which affords delivery drivers a greater ability to choose their jobs, a greater share of the revenu...

November 24


NEL, which stands for New Economy Ledger, will be the first microfinance lending platform aimed at developing countries, based on the NEM blockchain technolo...

November 24 $1,500,000

IceChain (ICH)

IceChain is a high-throughput transactional system with unlimited linear scalability using sharding and double-layer blockchain. IceChain is using next-gener...

November 21 $157,860

LendLedger (LOAN)

LendLedger connects Lenders with untapped data to bridge the gap between financial institutions and informal Borrowers. It brings together Borrowers, Data Pr...

November 20