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Bounty types
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Zeon Network

Zeon Network (ZEON)

World's decentralized blockchain: platform of financial services. Token is traded on TOP exchanges. Scaling in transaction rates to 100,000 tps (sharding), DA…

May 31

nuco.cloud (NCDT)

The nuco.cloud (short term of nubes computatrum) is a cloudbased distributed computing network developed by the Iron Eagle Capital GmbH, based on BOINC (Berkel…

June 30
SDAT Exchange ICO

SDAT Exchange ICO (SDAT)

SDAT Exchange is the world’s first Ultra-High-Speed Decentralized Exchange focused on partnering with institutional investors to solve traditional business tok…

June 19 $40

Levblockchain (LVE)

Our Organization Levblockchain LVE, will help many new, young, passionate people who are trying to work on new technology projects, blockchain projects and p…

March 26 $310,384
Asure Network

Asure Network (ASR)

First scalable decentralized social security network Project Introduction Asure Network is a layer 2 scaling network that enables fast, easy and secure tra…

December 31 $5,000,000
All For One Business

All For One Business (AFO)

We are an international organization committed to the growth of entrepreneurs and companies with a team of qualified professionals to provide support, solution…

December 31 $14

Cinemadrom (LUT)

Cinemadrom this is a combination of many people and areas of activity in one ecosystem. For filmmakers this is Hollywood online. For investors, these are new …

December 24 $500,000
Quantum Intelligence

Quantum Intelligence (QI)

QI - Quantum Intelligence Contribute to new sustainable and efficient technologies with the use of quantum computing in a decentralized way.

December 23
ELAD Network

ELAD Network (ELAD)

ELAD Network is a Real Estate platform with a difference. By taking advantage of the power of fractional ownership any property can be divided into different s…

December 20 $727,462


The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming through a Unified Gaming Platform. PBET generates syn…

December 15 $616,000

Tycoon (TYC)

Tycoon serves as a secured interface between professional traders and end users. All activities of the traders are monitored via a secured API connection in re…

November 30 $300,000

Mit-Ra (MTA)

Mit-ra Industries is the first creative project of the United Health Group in the area of converting Non-drinkable water into fresh water. Our goal is to creat…

November 30 $2,000

EZ365 (EZ365)

EZ365 is a revolutionary digital ecosystem comprised of three integrated platforms: EZ Win a blockchain-based digital asset casino; EZ Exchange, a digital asse…

November 1 $160,000

Orionix (ORX)

We present Orionix, a comission-free games and items exchange platform along with ORX token that covers operational costs by minting its own native currency. …

November 1 $1,978,698
WANT Marketplaces

WANT Marketplaces (WNT)

WANT Marketplaces runs a global ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C hyperlocal, social, private groups and secure messaging based e Commerce marketplaces powered b…

October 31 $750,000


Our Armacoin GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companies, as well as various media, as well as various greetings registered on the basis of blockc…

October 3 $1,319,132


Simple Automated Investment App Driven by AI & ML Coin Big IEO Round 1: https://i.coinbig.org/record.html?pro=37&lang=en_US GRAYLL services are primarily…

September 30 $1,000

OilWellCoin (OILD)

OilWellCoin is the first project in the world aimed at solving the problem of financing and developing the oil industry on the basis of blockchain technologies…

September 30 $74,800

Quube.exchange (QRP)

QUUBE Exchange — First Quantum Resistant Exchange and Blockchain. The ecosystem has a strategic focus on initial token offerings in security and utility format…

September 30
AI PowerBrain.Shop®

AI PowerBrain.Shop®

PowerBrain.Shop® is a One-Stop-Artificial-Intelligence-Shop providing Blockchain token based modular, standardized and flexible AI PowerBrain™ technology and t…

September 29 $150,879

Neutro (NTO)

The Neutro Protocol solves the trilemma of scalability, security and decentralization, allows for anonymous transactions and eradicates the need for centralize…

September 23 $180,000
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