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Bounty types
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Wemark (WMK)

Wemark platform uses blockchain technology to allow real peer-to-peer transactions between creators and users - ensuring security, authenticity and most of a...

August 7 $405,000
KIRIK Protocol

KIRIK Protocol (KRK)

KIRIK is an open-source meta-protocol for converging existing blockchains. It empowers users to build transactional protocols that help transfer digital asse...

October 15 $2,500,000


Peer 2 Peer Energy Protocol (P2PEP) is an energy trading protocol. The P2PEP energy trading DApp will connect small and big clean energy producers and consum...

July 22

YellowBetter (YBT)

YellowBetter is a revolutionary social portal that gives the opportunity to get closer to the living culture and language of the country that interests users...

July 25 $466,000

BitEsprit (BEC)

BitEsprit is the first all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange that integrates all the services cryptocurrency traders need. We feature crypto-to-crypto and altco...

August 1 $3,400,000


Casper is being created for your DApp to store information from your users more efficiently and reliably. We want DApps to develop fast – independently from ...

August 2 $704,000


EHO develops an innovative proprietary technology to produce pressure sensitive and stretching sensitive textile sensor systems. Combining textile sensor dat...

August 13

ZeroBank (ZB)

The money transfer and exchange industry is not immune to the global movement towards decentralization and peer-to-peer sharing economies. In fact, these are...

August 25 $225,000

idap.io (IDAP)

The International Digital Assets Platform (IDAP) is the first self-contained ecosystem for the cryptocurrencies derivatives trading market. Contained within ...

August 30 $750,000
Dream Real

Dream Real (DR)

Dream Real is a global social network based on blockchain technology, where users can share their dreams with the whole world, and cryptocurrency of the ecos...

August 31 $752,652

Jibbit (JIB)

Jibbit GmbH is working on several software solutions for the cannabis market, with three core sectors. Marketplace for accessories, the Jibbit Marketplace; d...

August 31 $1,750,000

Soundeon (SOUNDEON)

Soundeon is a vertically integrated blockchain solution that transcends digital multimedia distribution and live event ticketing. Based on the proprietary Et...

August 31 $1,109,998

Tradelize (TDZ)

Tradelize is a global cryptocurrency ecosystem and a suite of services that allows token holders to trade their crypto assets with confidence and make smarte...

August 31

Kryptoin (KRP)

The Kryptoin ETF System is a patent-pending platform that enables a digital token to be exchange-traded with a basket of cryptocurrencies that represents any...

September 2


VIDDO is a pay-per-view (PPV) online video sharing platform, that uses a proprietary business model (VIS*™*) and a blockchain-based data management system to...

September 23 $1,000,000
Capital Technologies & Research

Capital Technologies & Research (CALL & CALLG)

Capital Technologies & Research will be manufacturing a computerized environment for what is to come, and is poised to revolutionize communication between us...

September 29 $918,750
BandZ Network

BandZ Network (BNZ)

BandZ is a global P2P extranet project with the aim of making internet connections censorship-resistant, secure, cheaper, as well as accessible over larger d...

September 30 $225,000
Invest in Brokers

Invest in Brokers (INV)

An experienced investor, who has a proven track-record, can choose to share his trading strategy with other users. Beginners (or experienced traders who are ...

September 30


MediBit will provide an HIPPA-compliment, open platform based on blockchain technology, where healthcare consumers can authorize, choose, and control the lev...

September 30 $72,470
Opu Labs

Opu Labs (OPU)

Opu Labs is the blockchain solution for the tokenizing global skincare intelligence. Fueled by OPU Coin, consumers are able to monetize their skincare data a...

September 30 $6,993,000

Philanthor (PTH)

Philanthor is a blockchain powered philanthropy foundation which makes it possible for everyone to become a philanthropist and make a real social impact. Phi...

September 30 $1,201,900

BetOnChart (CHART)

The idea of BetOnChart is to make in-play betting accessible and fun, while providing extra income opportunities. By utilizing a match data streaming straigh...

October 1 $676,035
Trends Project

Trends Project (TRND)

The Trends Project will offer users the largest cryptocurrency information platform available that will become an extremely important information source for ...

October 1 $500,000

MyCryptoBank (MCB)

MyCryptoBank is an online bank allowing any client registered in the electronic bank system to make a full range of bank operations, additional operations wi...

October 15 $2,000,000

N.exchange (NEX)

N.exchange is a multi-component ecosystem, designed to accommodate a wide variety of the cryptocurrency community’s needs. The five main components of the sy...

October 15 $901,380
U Run It

U Run It (URUN)

U Run It is a gambling platform 100% managed by its community. Players control the house, host all the games and receive most of the profit. Absolutely all g...

October 15 $1,126,725

AgentMile (ESTATE)

AgentMile is the world’s first decentralised commercial real estate leasing platform powered by AI. We enable brokers and landlords to list their commercial ...

October 17 $200,000

FlipNpik (FNP)

FlipNpik aims to become the first Collaborative Social Media dedicated to local businesses, connected to the Blockchain technology. FlipNpik will also provid...

October 31 $1,352,002

Zichain (ZCN)

Zichain takes a leading role in creating a cryptocurrency asset management industry for private and institutional investors, combining best practices of trad...

October 31 $1,406,250

GeoManna (GM)

GeoManna platform improves the effectiveness of all relationships between people and business, eliminating any intermediaries from these relationships and ma...

November 1

Bitdepositary (BDT)

Bitdepositary is a secure Q-Ratio Market ICO funding community with integrated payment solutions. Its will make ICO more secure and enable users to make inve...

November 14 $3,500,000
Deliverers Power Token

Deliverers Power Token (DPT)

Deliverers Power Token (DPT) is a decentralized platform which affords delivery drivers a greater ability to choose their jobs, a greater share of the revenu...

November 24


WPP ENERGY’S Green Energy Platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy globally, initially, through the use of WPP’s technologies, partnershi...

December 22 $30,000,000
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