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Bounty types
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Aussie Digital

Aussie Digital (AUD)

Aussie Digital is building an E-commerce Ecosystem based around an ERC20 Digital Coin that will include a powerful Amazon like store builder packed with powe...

September 20

EveryCoin (EYC)

The Aaron Platform is a new financial platform that combines stable coin(TabiPay) with fluid value coin(EveryCoin) to solve the problems of blockchain speed ...

September 20 $193,075

iLink2Music (ELINK)

iLink2Musicis a tailor-made Music Entertainment Social Media Platform Powered By BlockChain, Uniting Artists, Executives & Music Lovers worldwide, regardless...

September 20 $1,500,000
Kinetic Revolution

Kinetic Revolution (KRC)

Kinetic Revolution has instigated a new concept of digital payments platform named Kineticex -KRC. It is touted to be a new-age reliable platform for securin...

September 20

Zenome (ZNA)

The Zenome project is a decentralized blockchain-driven database of genomic information. This platform supports the possibility to manage your genomic data w...

September 20


VIDDO is a pay-per-view (PPV) online video sharing platform, that uses a proprietary business model (VIS*™*) and a blockchain-based data management system to...

September 23 $1,000,000
Peoples Token

Peoples Token (PPL)

Peoples Token is an erc20 utility token.Peoples token aims to create a fully community driven and decentralized token. A lot of token ICO fails to fulfil and...

September 24 $800,000

BitSong (BTSG)

BitSong is a platform, that will be built using the Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS distributed file system. BitSong will provide the user with the possibil...

September 25


The goal of the KVANTOR project is to give a real freedom to economic agents of the global market. The platform will allow decreasing money transfer terms do...

September 27 $200,000
Capital Technologies & Research

Capital Technologies & Research (CALL & CALLG)

Capital Technologies & Research will be manufacturing a computerized environment for what is to come, and is poised to revolutionize communication between us...

September 29 $918,750

Ammeris (AMRS)

Ammeris is creating a platform that is designed to host frictionless interconnectivity. The Platform is now onboarding and incubating businesses and organiza...

September 30

ApolloX (APXT)

ApolloX is a blockchain solution for online e-commerce with a large number of existing participants and mainstream adoption. It also aims to disrupt the exis...

September 30 $550,000
BandZ Network

BandZ Network (BNZ)

BandZ is a global P2P extranet project with the aim of making internet connections censorship-resistant, secure, cheaper, as well as accessible over larger d...

September 30 $225,000

Coinolix (CLX)

Coinolix is developing a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem by combining a robust exchange platform and a decentralized blockchain protocol in...

September 30 $2,500,000


Elamachain is Hyperledger Fabric-based Emotional AI Platform. Designed to give you maximum satisfaction by providing user experience optimized to your cognit...

September 30
Helios Neural Network

Helios Neural Network (HNN)

Helios Neural Network is a data distribution platform focused on storing and indexing data required for Artificial Intelligence to grow and learn. Instead of...

September 30


INLOCK is a lending platform that enables cryptocurrency holders to manage short-term liquidity problems by taking a loan, using their existing cryptocurrenc...

September 30 $100,000
Invest in Brokers

Invest in Brokers (INV)

An experienced investor, who has a proven track-record, can choose to share his trading strategy with other users. Beginners (or experienced traders who are ...

September 30

LoveBlock.one (DDD)

LoveBlock is a decentralized database for dating. LoveBlock is an innovative blockchain technology solution for online dating worldwide. With LoveBlock, frau...

September 30 $22


MediBit will provide an HIPPA-compliment, open platform based on blockchain technology, where healthcare consumers can authorize, choose, and control the lev...

September 30 $72,470
NEO Finance

NEO Finance (NEF)

NEO Finance offers an international platform in which participants have the opportunity to instantly receive a money loan with fiat money on bail of volatile...

September 30 $350,000
Opu Labs

Opu Labs (OPU)

Opu Labs is the blockchain solution for the tokenizing global skincare intelligence. Fueled by OPU Coin, consumers are able to monetize their skincare data a...

September 30 $6,993,000
Peer Mountain

Peer Mountain (PMTN)

Peer Mountain is a decentralized peer-to-peer trust marketplace that connects selfsovereign identity owners with regulatory-compliant service providers, and ...

September 30 $90,138

Philanthor (PTH)

Philanthor is a blockchain powered philanthropy foundation which makes it possible for everyone to become a philanthropist and make a real social impact. Phi...

September 30 $1,201,900

PropPush (PSH)

PropPush is results oriented online service to connect property buyers, sellers, renters and agents for faster property transactions. PropPush is a platform ...

September 30 $600,000


RENC is a P2P car sharing service platform which anyone can participate in this platform anywhere and anytime globally, and a open source ecosystem. P2P Car ...

September 30 $4,506,900

Togacoin (TGA)

Togacoin's endeavor is to separate the mining operations from the electricity costs, as well as diversifying investments to make the business safer and more ...

September 30
Trade Pharma Network

Trade Pharma Network (TXP)

Trade Pharma Network is a platform and an international pharma-centric marketplace of choice for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicine...

September 30
Trecento Blockchain Capital

Trecento Blockchain Capital (TOT)

Trecento Blockchain Capital is an all-in-one Blockchain-centric investment solution. Our objective is to capture the best investment opportunities driven by ...

September 30 $233,200

TrustBar (TSB)

TrustBar is creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO platform. TrustBar is a decentralized crypto exchange that enables an individual or i...

September 30

Ubex (UBEX)

Ubex project is a global, decentralized exchange of programmatic advertising based on neural networks and smart contracts. The mission of Ubex is to create a...

September 30

URAllowance (URA)

The URAllowance platform will be the tool that helps parents/teachers/guardians teach kids financial responsibility and give them that sense of pride missing...

September 30 $500,739

BetOnChart (CHART)

The idea of BetOnChart is to make in-play betting accessible and fun, while providing extra income opportunities. By utilizing a match data streaming straigh...

October 1 $676,035

Pinmo (pinmo)

Pinmo is a decentralized social media marketing network that allows advertisers to deliver advertising content, links, or other materials directly to users o...

October 1 $98,926
Tiberius Coin

Tiberius Coin (TCX)

Tiberius coin is an asset-backed token that allows to directly participate in our portfolio of precious and base metals that are used in industries such as I...

October 1
Trends Project

Trends Project (TRND)

The Trends Project will offer users the largest cryptocurrency information platform available that will become an extremely important information source for ...

October 1 $500,000

Cryptocean (CRON)

Cryptocean is an blockchain based ecosystem that combines financial and technological services for working with crypto-currencies, digital financial assets a...

October 2 $3,600,000

Neluns (NLS)

Neluns is a financial ecosystem, combining within itself a bank that can work with fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange and insura...

October 5 $10,000,000


Vidy is a decentralized ad network, powered by the ethereum blockchain. Vidy's ad platform allows advertisers to embed video ads directly into hyper-relevant...

October 5 $401,564


The concept of ASOBI COIN is digital content trade on distributed secondary market. A new blockchain economic era for the publishers creators and users. Asob...

October 7

Hiway (WAY)

The Hiway platform is a blockchain tailored marketplace for work. It builds on a few of the most innovative and progressive technologies emerging from the Fo...

October 8


The XAYA platform will provide a wealth of tools and infrastructure for game developers to build their own game worlds that fit their vision and project. The...

October 10

Electrominer (ELM)

Electrominer is currently developing a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform fueled by portable, solar-powered blockchain datacenter units in Southern Califor...

October 12 $357,100

Astoria (APC)

Astoria is a set of software to facilitate and automate the ICO campaign launching. With our services, you will have the possibility of creating a website wi...

October 13 $946,449

Moneynet (MNC)

Moneynet is one of the most prominent crypto online communities in South Korea. Moneynet is an incentive based cryptocurrency community where members can sha...

October 13 $187,487


BUFF is a decentralized loyalty platform that rewards gamers simply for playing. Participants earn BUFF coins by playing their favorite games. The coin alloc...

October 15
KIRIK Protocol

KIRIK Protocol (KRK)

KIRIK is an open-source meta-protocol for converging existing blockchains. It empowers users to build transactional protocols that help transfer digital asse...

October 15 $2,500,000

MyCryptoBank (MCB)

MyCryptoBank is an online bank allowing any client registered in the electronic bank system to make a full range of bank operations, additional operations wi...

October 15 $2,000,000

N.exchange (NEX)

N.exchange is a multi-component ecosystem, designed to accommodate a wide variety of the cryptocurrency community’s needs. The five main components of the sy...

October 15 $901,380
U Run It

U Run It (URUN)

U Run It is a gambling platform 100% managed by its community. Players control the house, host all the games and receive most of the profit. Absolutely all g...

October 15 $1,126,725