API for Developers

TrackICO API will provide various information about ICOs listed on our platform.

Terms & Conditions

Reading these terms and conditions is mandatory before starting to use the API provided by TrackICO. TrackICO reserves the right to change, modify, or add more details to these terms and conditions without prior notice. By accessing or using the TrackICO API you agree to all terms and conditions pointed out below. If you don't agree with terms and conditions or any changes made to them, you must stop using API within 7 days and inform TrackICO about it.

API Data usage

By using TrackICO API data in WEB or a mobile application you agree to add an active source link to every page of the WEB or mobile application where TrackICO API data is used. The active source link must indicate that data is provided by TrackICO and lead to TrackICO web page or specific TrackICO ICO profile page.

By using TrackICO API data in printed materials you agree to clearly indicate that data is provided by TrackICO.


You agree that you will not:
  • Use the API in a manner that can harm TrackICO.
  • Cache or store any of TrackICO API content longer than 48 hours.
  • Make TrackICO API content accessible just for paid visitors.

API access request process

In order to use the TrackICO API you must apply through the API access request form below. By applying for the usage of TrackICO API and filling the API access request form, you agree to keep your API key information confidential and that you will not share it with any third parties.

Usage review

TrackICO reserves the right to review and evaluate all of the usage of the TrackICO API and check regularly if you are using TrackICO API in compliance with the terms and conditions. Violating the terms and conditions will result in a ban from the usage of the TrackICO API. In occurrence of a ban from the use of the TrackICO API you agree to stop using the API and destroy all content that belongs to TrackICO within 24 hours after being informed about the ban.

Limitation of Liability

TrackICO API is being provided free of charge. You agree that TrackICO shall have no liability arising from, relating to or based on your use of the API.


If you detect any violations regarding the TrackICO API contact us.