Connecting Emotions + Experiences Back to Digital Marketing

What Makes Us Different

The traditional agency structure is flawed. That’s why we don’t sit in an office watching the minutes go by. We work, build, and test in the surroundings that inspire us. We are always in “startup” mentality, hungry for more life, more growth, and deeper connections.

No sexy office. No beer kegs. No time wasted on overly-lengthy meetings that cost you an arm and a leg.

Every individual on the VisualFizz team is a master of their field with a proven track record. We don’t believe in wasting funds on unnecessary overhead. We provide more tangible work per billable dollar than our competition, which translates into higher success rates and more meaningful relationships with your audience.

We believe that effective marketing isn’t just attempting to yell the loudest. Experiential marketing encourages a direct, sincere relationship with your audience and thrives on engagement. We provide innovative ideas that create lasting impressions, combining just the right amount of edge and risk with years of industry experience.