We Will Make Your ICO Thrive!

CRYPTO-A is a marketing agency specializing on providing services for ICO projects and blockchain startups. CRYPTO-A is set based on the international advertising agency "Agency of Independent Journalism". While working with projects team focuses not only on paid but also on free methods of promoting and attracting audiences, increasing the interest of expert, journalists and ordinary users to the project.

Agency experience Agency worked on these ICOs


Efir.io (QZ) Closed

Efir.io is producing this site for native advertising with bloggers. All of the barriers for advertisers are removed thanks to increased advertising quality, d…

Eternal Trusts

Eternal Trusts Closed

Eternal Trusts combines hybrid intelligence technology with smart contracts to make the traditional trust funds and fiduciaries a thing of the past. ET represe…


SKYFchain (SKYFT) Closed

SKYFchain is the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) blockchain based operating platform. This private blockchain system provides independent secure data-exchange a…


Bubbletone (UMT) Closed

Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom is the first decentralized telecom ecosystem that allows mobile network operators, phone users and service providers to intera…


Sharpay (SHRP) Closed

The Sharpay is the share and multi-share button for sites with blockchain-based rewards for content promotion for users. Multisharing is an opportunity to shar…


CASPER (CST) Upcoming

Casper is being created for your DApp to store information from your users more efficiently and reliably. We want DApps to develop fast – independently from th…


DateCoin (DTC) Closed

DateCoin is the highly liquid utility token based on ERC20 standard with price rise mechanics implemented, secured by the growing active audience worldwide. DT…


Streamity (STM) Closed

The STREAMITY project is focused on creating a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that includes a broad range of services. The goal is to ensure users can benefi…


LHCrypto (LHC) Closed

The main advantage of our ICO is that it is based on a business model that has worked for years, has proven its efficiency, and allows us to provide assurances…


TerraMiner (TRM2) Closed

TerraMiner is an international mining project offering investors convenient and favourable terms on a profitable mining contract. The company builds its own mi…