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7MARKETZ is a global FinTech marketing agency, delivering creative business solutions for startups and enterprises throughout Europe and North America since 2010.

Meet 7MARKETZ where the most passionate and skillful professionals join their forces to create uplifting marketing experience! 7MARKETZ Team combines various marketing approaches to lead your ICO to strategic objectives and tackle complex development challenges. We infuse your ICO with our expertise, fresh vision and a full spectrum of analytical tools.

Focusing on ultimate results, 7MARKETZ is ready to promptly pick up a project of any complexity and assist you at any stage of your marketing journey: from the early strategy drafts, brand development and profound business training to boosting your marketing campaigns.

Do you know what your ICO can truly achieve? With more than 150 successful projects in just 2017, 7MARKETZ team can help you discover the untapped potential of your business and secure the confident growth you are expecting.

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Agency experience Agency worked on these ICOs


autoXchange (aXc) Closed

Through autoXchange private vehicle owners and dealers can carry out the entire sales process, from sales and marketing to the signing of finance agreements. a…


YellowBetter (YBT) Closed

YellowBetter is a revolutionary social portal that gives the opportunity to get closer to the living culture and language of the country that interests users t…


CoinAnalyst (COY) Closed

CoinAnalyst is an information and analysis platform for all cryptocurrencies and ICOs worldwide. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid …


Grapevine (GVINE) Closed

Grapevine World is a decentralized, borderless ecosystem for the seamless exchange of health data in a standardized, secure manner. Populated with every stakeh…


AutoBlock (AUTO COin) Closed

The Vision of Auto Coin project is to redefine the auto industry, and in doing so, introduce an era of decentralisation. The existing systems are no longer pri…


CGCX (CGCX) Closed

CGCX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that facilitates extensive and specialised functions that are designed for a range of users, from an everyday user t…


Coinnup (CU) Closed

Coinnup aims to offer a unified interface for users and businesses, connecting the dots between all major components of digital asset management. Coinnup ecosy…


Patron (PAT) Trading

Influencers and SNS users around the world will be able to post, discover and book social media sharing economy information on the internet and mobile tablet. …


Loyakk (LYK) Closed

Loyakk is a blockchain-enabled platform for enterprise business networks that enables enterprises (or companies) to engage with their network of business partn…



World Wi-Fi project is a global decentralized free Wi-Fi network based on private routers. Every router owner may share free Wi-Fi, connect to other users, and…


TrustedHealth (TDH) Closed

TrustedHealth is a patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on life-threatening diseases. It’s goal is to source the best methodologies for delivering…


NAGA (NGC) Trading

NAGA is a public listed, EU-regulated German Fintech company with trading-platforms for financial markets and virtual goods, a market cap of more than 200m Eur…


Peculium (PCL) Trading

PECULIUM is the first Crypto-Savings platform that combines traditional savings, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. PECULIUM a…

Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision (GVT) Trading

Genesis Vision is the platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.